May 19, 2022 · Open the app; you will find the option to start a new project on top; also, there is a template tab in the bottom panel. When you click on it you find several templates to choose from. When you choose one, you can enlarge the same. Once it opens up, you find the option “use template” in the bottom right-hand corner.. Sep 03, 2021 · Follow this simple method to add text to your video using an iPhone: When you open a video with the CapCut app, you’ll see the video preview, the timeline, and the menu bar at the bottom. Tap on .... Jan 08, 2021 · 1. Three Line Framed Title. A background-less title with a frame, bold lettering and an outline style. 2. Animated Cluster Title. A text delay animation across multiple lines, with two-tone typography and animated text. 3. Digital Glyph Title. This free Premiere Pro title features rotating text with glyph effects..

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